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Environmental Authority Ammendment Application 
Amendment Application – Hutton Sandstone Aquifer Injection Trial and Glenaras Pond – June 2020

>> Environmental Authority EPPG00651913 Amendment Application


Response to the DES information request 
Information request issued by Department of Environment & Science (DES) in response to application to amend environmental authority EPPG00651913 2020

>> Response to DES Information Request


Updated Injection Information Plan

>> Injection Information Plant


Underground Water Impact Report

Approved by the Department of Environment & Heritage Protection
on 27 July 2016

>> Public Notice

Health, Safety and Environment

Galilee Energy Limited (Galilee Energy) is committed to high standards of health, safety and environmental (HSE) performance. Galilee Energy recognises that HSE management and performance is a fundamental principle of business culture, and a responsibility of all management and employees.

To achieve high HSE standards, Galilee Energy has established an HSE Management System (HSEMS), which complies with applicable legislative requirements and is consistent with internationally recognised management system standards.  This HSEMS is designed to ensure that Galilee Energy’s activities:

  • Are conducted in a manner which protects the health and safety of all employees and site visitors
  • Are conducted in a manner which protects the health and safety of all contractors, subcontractors, service providers and suppliers – heron jointly referred to as contractors for the purposes of this HSEMS
  • Are environmentally sustainable
  • Will comply with legislative requirements
  • Comply with Galilee Energy’s policy commitments
  • Are consistent with applicable codes of practice
  • Include a process of continual improvement in HSE processes and performance.

This is achieved through the application of an appropriate risk-based approach that complies with industry best practice and aligns with recognised Australian and international standards.


Galilee Energy Limited has lodged an application for a major amendment to an environmental authority in accordance with the requirements of the Environmental Protection Act 1994. The environmental authority being amended is EPPG00651913 and relates to Authority to Prospect 2019, the Glenaras Gas Project.

The application relates to amendments to authorise the existing constructed and operating Glenaras Pond as a regulated dam; and the Hutton Sandstone aquifer injection trial which includes the repurposing of three existing pilot wells for an injection trial. The injection trial will be undertaken over a period of 12 to 18 months and may involve the injection of up to 2 ML/day of treated water (the average daily injection volume will likely be significantly less than 2 ML /day).

A copy of the Supporting Information Report ‘Environmental Authority EPPG00651913 Amendment Application – Hutton Sandstone Aquifer Injection Trial and Glenaras Pond’ is available using the following link:

>> Environmental Authority EPPG00651913 Amendment Application

Copies of the standard conditions for the resource activity can be obtained by accessing the Department of Environment and Science website or by contacting Permit and Licence Management by phone on 1300 130 372 (select option 4) or by email on

It is advised that any person may make a submission about the application during the submission period, which is from 26/06/2020 to 24/07/2020. Submission must be received on or before 4.30pm on the last day of the submission period. Submissions must be sent to:

Department of Environment and Science
Environmental Services and Regulation
GPO Box 2454, Brisbane, QLD 4001
Attention: Energy and Extractive Resources

The Department of Environment and Science as administering authority shall accept all properly made submissions and may accept written submissions even if they are not properly made. A properly made submission must meet all of the following requirements:

  • be written or made electronically
  • state the name and address of each submitter
  • be made to the administering authority stated above
  • be received on or before the last day of the submission period
  • state the grounds of the submission and the facts and circumstances relied on in support of the grounds.

Enquiries about the application can be made directly to: 

Galilee Energy
GPO BOX 1944, Brisbane, QLD, 4001
Phone: +61 (0)7 3177 9970


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