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Building a Multi-TCF Fully Integrated Energy Company

Galilee Energy holds 100% equity in a diversified exploration portfolio with coal seam gas and conventional oil and gas assets in three of Australia’s major east coast basins

Glenaras Gas Project Galilee Basin

 The Glenaras Gas Project in ATP 2019 (formerly ATP 529), is located in the western central Galilee Basin and is highly prospective for coal seam gas (CSG) with an independently certified 3C Contingent Resource of 5,314 PJ.

The project is currently in the advanced appraisal stage with the Glenaras Multi-Well Pilot currently dewatering the Betts Creek Beds and recent data indicating the coal seams are approaching critical desorption pressure.

Kumbarilla Project Surat Basin

 The Kumbarilla Gas Project in ATP 2043 is located in southern Queensland and is geologically positioned on the overlapping eastern flanks of the Taroom Trough and the overlying Surat Basin.

Dual prospectivity is identified in the Kumbarilla Gas Project with coal seam gas potential in the world-class Walloons Subgroup of the Surat Basin and conventional oil and gas potential in the reservoirs of the prolific Taroom Trough.

Springsure Gas Project Denison Trough

The Springsure Gas Project in ATP 2050, covers an expansive 1, over the northern extension of the Denison Trough in central Queensland.

This gas-rich geological region hosts significant dual resource potential in Late Permian coal seam gas units and in stacked conventional gas reservoirs as evidenced by the adjacent northern Denison gas fields and the Mahalo coal seam gas development.


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