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Galilee Energy Limited (Galilee Energy) is committed to high standards of health, safety and environmental (HSE) performance. Galilee Energy recognises that HSE performance is a responsibility of all management and employees in ensuring that the company provides a safe and environmentally and socially  responsible approach to operations.









To achieve high HSE standards, Galilee Energy has established an HSE Management System (HSEMS), which complies with applicable legislative requirements and is consistent with internationally recognised management system standards. This HSEMS is designed to ensure that Galilee Energy’s activities:




  • Are conducted in a manner which protects the health and safety of all employees and site visitors
  • Are conducted in a manner which protects the health and safety of all contractors, subcontractors, service providers and suppliers – jointly referred to as contractors for the purposes of this HSEMS
  • Are environmentally sustainable
  • Will comply with legislative requirements
  • Comply with Galilee Energy’s policy commitments
  • Are consistent with applicable codes of practice
  • Include a process of continual improvement in HSE processes and performance.

This is achieved through the application of an appropriate risk-based approach that complies with industry best practice and aligns with recognised Australian and international standards.




Underground Water Impact Report


In accordance with the requirements of Section 381 and Section 382 of the Water Act 2000, Galilee Energy Limited has developed an underground water impact report (UWIR) for its operations within Authority to Prospect (ATP) 2019 located in the Galilee Basin, north-east of Longreach.




The UWIR for ATP 2019 can be accessed here:

  Underground Water Impact Report


You can also phone 07 3177 9970 to arrange for a hard copy to be posted to you.






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