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Reducing Emissions

Increasingly, in order to secure ongoing support from investors and customers, energy companies are being required to demonstrate the capacity to supply hydrocarbons with minimal environmental impact. Galilee is pursuing commercially viable investments to transition our operations to a low carbon operation.

Low CO2 Content Gas

Low CO2 content gas – The early gas composition data collected from the Glenaras pilot indicates that it will be a low CO2 gas development with levels below 2%. This attribute alone reduces the carbon footprint of Glenaras versus other gas producers and sets a lower hurdle for carbon neutrality.




Minimising Scope 1 Emissions

Minimising Scope 1 Emissions – The use of solar power on-site is currently being assessed. The existing 17 MW Longreach Solar Farm is strong evidence of the commercial viability of solar farms in this region, which is renowned as being one of the best locations in Australia for solar energy with one of the country’s consistently lowest cloud coverages.




Carbon Sequestration
through farming

Coal Seam Gas projects can yield saline water, which creates a disposal issue for the Operator. A key advantage of the Glenaras Gas Project is the high volumes of essentially fresh water that is produced. Galilee is currently undertaking a comprehensive review of the potential cropping and farming options and the scope for additional direct and indirect revenue streams to Galilee in the future. These include evaluating the carbon sequestration/credit benefits related to timber crops and specific crops that provide higher carbon storage within the soil. Early investigations have shown that certain crops can provide both carbon benefits and potential for a bio-fuel product. The Company is already irrigating ~70 ha, growing a combination of sorghum, barley, and oats to handle the 17,000 BWPD currently being produced. The continued good performance and yields from the crops provides confidence in the long-term sustainability of the current irrigation practices being used in conjunction with the CSG water from the Project.





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