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Dual conventional oil and gas and coal seam gas prospectivity in an established petroleum province



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Kumbarilla Project – Surat Basin


Galilee is the 100% equity holder and operator of the Kumbarilla Gas Project, which is located in ATP 2043 in southern Queensland.  This region has a long history of oil and gas exploration and production, beginning with discovery of Australia’s first onshore oil field, the Moonie Field, through to today’s world-class coal seam gas developments in the Walloons Subgroup.

ATP 2043 is advantageously positioned over a geologically significant portion of the eastern flank of the overlapping Taroom Trough and Surat Basins, providing it with dual prospectivity for both conventional oil and gas and coal seam gas.

The project is also strategically located to expedite any gas discoveries to the east coast market for both domestic and LNG export sales via the established gas production facilities only 10km to the northeast of the permit.  Oil discoveries can also be quickly monetised through cost-efficient, fit-for-purpose trucking and load-out facilities.

It is these combined advantages of dual prospectivity in an oil and gas rich basin setting and the project’s strategic location for supply to market, that present the Kumbarilla Project as a high value asset that can be rapidly matured to short-term earnings.


Galilee have reprocessed the entire 675km of 2D seismic across the permit to contemporary standards and identified multiple conventional oil and gas leads along the geologically prominent Moonie-Goondiwindi Fault System that marks the eastern edge of the vast Taroom Trough and passes directly through the central portion of ATP 2043.  This significant structural trend hosts the Moonie oil field, which produced approximately 24 million barrels of oil from the Precipice Sandstone and given Kumbarilla’s location updip and along trend from Moonie, this high value play type is considerably derisked in ATP2043.  Current estimates place upwards of 2 million barrels of recoverable oil in the mapped Precipice Sandstone leads at Kumbarilla with minor additional seismic required to firm up final drilling locations.

ATP 2043 is also prospective for conventional gas in the deeper Permian as proven by the Cabawin oil and gas discovery downdip to the west in the heart of the Taroom Trough source kitchen, which is long proven to have generated and expelled enormous quantities of oil and gas.  Any migration updip out of the Permian source kitchen will likely have moved updip to the east and into the ATP 2043 region, where Galilee has mapped a strong, prominent gas lead.

Coal seam gas is also a prospective exploration and development target at Kumbarilla with the permit overlying an extensive length of the regional Walloons Subgroup fairway.  Confirmation of the coal seam gas prospectivity is provided by the permit’s close proximity to multiple developments including Shell’s Kenya East and Celest and Australia Pacific LNG’s Ironbark. 

Initial exploration drilling has been undertaken by Galilee to assess the Walloons coal seam gas potential through Kumbarilla 1, 2 & 3 with assessment of results ongoing to define additional drilling locations to mature this valuable resource to reserves.


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